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The benefits of private archery tuition with Chiltern Archery

Private Archery Tuition

If you have been watching the Paralympics in Tokyo this year, you will have no doubt been on the edge of your seat watching Scunthorpe’s own Victoria Rumary take the Bronze medal for her incredible performance. Compound bow in hand, she was cheered on for her performance, missing out on gold only after being beaten by Sarka Musilova. Member of Lincoln Archers, Rumary continues to inspire children and adults alike to take up the sport for its fitness and its fun. 

The Chiltern Archery team are proud to support both new and existing archers in their goal to improving their technique through private and group tuition lessons on both their indoor and outdoor ranges. With many benefits to archery lessons, there are also huge benefits to joining the archery club, including continuous advice and support. 

Taster sessions to capture your interest

As one of the oldest sports in the world, archery is a sport that makes you feel powerful and build your concentration and determination. Thought to have been around since before written history, undertaking the sport will take you back to your caveman roots and give you valuable survival skills (should you ever find yourself having a Robin Hood moment). 

If you are looking for the archery experience, but you are not sure whether you would enjoy it / be any good at it, a taster session may be the best way forward for you. Having a taster session with Chiltern Archery gives you an hour with a coach to understand and learn the basics of archery, whilst ensuring you have fun in a safe environment. 

Once you have had your taster session, you can then go on to book further sessions with your coach, where they will support you to learn more about the sport including stance, techniques, equipment and the skills required to become a pro shooter. 

Private archery coaching for beginners 

You’ve had your taster session and you loved it – we knew you would! An Archery beginners course is a great way to learn either individually or within a group with a supportive and qualified coach supporting you to learn more about what it takes to practice archery in a safe and beneficial way. Three one hour sessions either individually or as a group will give you a great insight into what you can expect as you build on your archery skills and knowledge.  

There are many benefits to undertaking private archery coaching sessions with Chiltern Archery: 

  • Improve your physical and mental health
  • A sport for everyone – archery does not discriminate, making it an extremely encompassing sport
  • A year-round sport – with both in and outdoor ranges, you can shoot all year round 
  • Control, determination and endurance building 
  • Helps to focus your mind 
  • A friendly and busy sport – you will meet so many likeminded people and build a new network of friends

If any of the above points appeal to you, we suggest you come on down and visit the team to talk about having some archery sessions in more detail. Whilst you’re here, why not take a look at the amazing range of archery equipment we have?

Chiltern Archery Club Memberships – Join The Club! 

You’ve had your archery sessions and you still cannot get enough of this incredibly versatile sport – the only thing that’s left is to become a Chiltern Archery member and join an incredible network of archers, all with their own expertise and skills. Once you have successfully completed your beginners’ course (either with us or elsewhere) you will be invited to become a member of Chiltern Archery. You will learn so much when you choose to shoot with other members of the group and the more you shoot, the more you will become addicted – we speak from experience! 

The indoor range at Chiltern Archery is very popular as it’s open all year round and you can shoot without the weather getting in your way – perfect for those who have not long started and are still learning their bow and getting to grips with shooting. There are many indoor shooting opportunities around the sessions that take place, so choose the perfect time and dates for you and come on down to practice your new skill. 

We are not particularly blessed with beautiful weather for long in the UK, so when the sun is shining and the wind is quiet, you will want to make the most of getting outside for some practice in the ‘wild’. Chiltern Archery has the perfect setting for you in our huge field, prepped and ready with everything you need to shoot outside. Just purchase your targets from our retail shop and make your way onto the field for some real-life Robin Hood practice. Learn to shoot with the weather and understand how the slightest of wind changes could affect your bow and the way you shoot your arrows. 

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Speak to Chiltern Archery today and embark on your Archery journey 

Chiltern Archery has everything you need to experience archery in the most fun and exciting of ways. With extensive indoor and outdoor ranges, plus our retail shop and friendly team, we have all you could ever need when looking for an archery club that suits you. Whether you are looking to book your first ever archery lesson, brush up on your techniques after a season away from the sport or you are just looking to have fun and grow a new network of friends, Chiltern Archery is your local archery specialist. Based in the beautiful little village of Buckland, come and visit us from Tuesday to Saturday and we can give you the support you need to become a skilled archer. Why not give us a call on 01296 630919 and email us at to let us know you’re coming?

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