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Give the gift of Chiltern Archery tuition sessions this Christmas

chiltern archery tuition sessions

One of the most favourite things about Christmas day is watching your loved ones face when they open a present specially picked by you. Why not give the gift of a Chiltern Archery tuition session? Private tuition sessions with Chiltern Archery will provide everything you need to know to get into archery or continue your archery journey. This month, let’s look at the type of sessions you can expect from Chiltern Archery and the benefits they can bring. 

Chiltern Archery tuition sessions that are hidden in your stocking

Christmas shopping doesn’t matter how many years we have had to do our own; we never seem to get everything ticked off the list until the time is against us. As we get older, present buying also becomes more complicated, with many loved ones saying they don’t need or want anything. This can be frustrating as we don’t want to buy the wrong present. That’s why we suggest Chiltern Archery tuition sessions for your loved one’s Christmas stocking in 2021. 

Chiltern Archery tuition sessions offer a unique and rewarding experience you won’t find anywhere else. An adrenaline-filled and action-packed session will leave you tingling with excitement and happiness as you see your skill and experience begin to improve.

These sessions will offer up memories and potentially a new hobby for the user to experience and enjoy for many years to come. If you tuck a tuition session into a stocking this year, we can guarantee your loved one’s face will light up with happiness. 

Tuition sessions are a great active and fun Christmas gift to give

Chiltern Archery tuition sessions have been tailored to offer a variety of sessions that work for you and your bow choice. Whether you are looking to learn to use a crossbow, refine your recurve techniques or get to grips with a compound bow, choosing a tuition session as a Christmas present for a loved one will be sure to go down an absolute treat around the Christmas tree. 

Beginner archery courses – these private courses are brilliant for those who are looking to get into archery but don’t have the skills or experience yet. The course consists of 3 one hour sessions where you will work closely with a qualified coach to learn the basics of archery, how to string your bow and shoot your arrows, target practice and the correct stance to adopt. 

Private Chiltern Archery tuition sessions – whether you are new to archery or you need to hone some of your skills, a private tuition session with a qualified Chiltern Archery coach will definitely benefit you. Choose from a one-hour session to three one hour sessions that can be booked at a time that suits you. During these sessions, you will be shown how to improve your technique, tune and refine your equipment and work on any concern areas you may have. 

Private archery tasters – Not sure if your loved one will enjoy archery? We have no doubt they will, but just to be sure, why not book them in for a taster session to see if they get on well? Learn the basics of archery in a fun environment with a professional coach before booking more sessions. 

Children’s archery parties – did you know we offer archery parties for children? Combine the perfect Christmas present with a child’s birthday and watch your young one get to grips with a bow and arrow. Providing fun for 90 minutes where your party guests will learn how to shoot a bow and arrow as well as participate in a range of games, your guests will be safe and supported by qualified instructors throughout. 

The benefits of Chiltern Archery tuition sessions this year

Archery is becoming more and more popular as we look to find a new hobby that also ticks the exercise and adrenaline boxes we have. There are so many reasons to book Chiltern Archery tuition sessions that we thought we would list the top benefits: 

A perfect present – give the perfect gift this year that just keeps on giving. Flexible and tailored to individual needs, no two sessions are the same. 

Memories – presents should be about making memories, and our Chiltern Archery tuition sessions are sure to do just that. 

Sport – an interactive sport that ticks the exercise box without you even knowing it. Build muscle in your chest and arms, work out without realising and stay fit with your new hobby. 

Active – whether you are shooting on an indoor or outdoor range,  an archery session is definitely active. Archery is definitely an active sport, from working on your breathing techniques, improving your stance or collecting your arrows. 

Fun – there is no doubt about it – archery lessons are such a fun experience. Begin having fun as soon as you start your expert tuition sessions and never stop as you realise your full potential.

New hobby – Once your loved one tries an archery session, we don’t think they will ever want to quit. Just like that, you have given the gift of a new hobby that will stand the test of time – well done you!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy new year from all at Chiltern Archery

We would like to thank all of our clients this year for supporting us here at Chiltern Archery. Although times have had to change slightly to stay in keeping with the current pandemic, it has been great to see you all keeping up with your archery skills and improving significantly.

The Chiltern Archery team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We will be closed from the 25th December and reopen on the 29th before closing for the new year and reopening on the 3rd January. 

We look forward to seeing you back here in 2022 and look forward to supporting new archers to build their skills with their newfound archery hobby!

For more information about our training courses, to discuss your arrows with a team member or to select a new bow, give us a call today and book an appointment to come down and visit your local archery range.