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The new improved Axiom Plus riser has undergone a complete redesign but includes all of the ingredients that made the original Axiom riser a global success. Qualities such as high specification materials allowing for the use of more powerful limbs, longevity and of course, affordable price are all carried over to the Axiom Plus. Several improvements have been made to this 23 inch (SHORT) riser such as an integrated clicker extender and two cushion plunger positions allowing for the use of a screw-on arrow rest. The combination of a stylish riser and a well proven limb construction makes this a serious competitor against the likes of the Cartel X-Pert and Samick Privilege models. • Weight: 1100g • Length: 23in • Available in RH and LH models • Plastic Grip • Supplied with SF Axiom Rest and SF Axiom Button • Accepts International Fitting Limbs