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The traditional bow range offered by Petron consists of hand made bows crafted to the highest standards with precision and care. These bows are steeped in tradition and utilise the oldest methods of bow making which have been passed on and perfected through the generations. This ensures that the bows all perform to the highest standard, are beautiful to look at and in themselves are perfect works of art. The Traditional bow range allows the archer to perform to the highest level whilst taking immense pleasure in their bow. This Classic bow is beautifully crafted. The graceful flowing limbs with no join incorporate a modern arrow shelf. This is a composite constructed bow using clear glass to enhance the colour and texture of the wooden laminations within. This unique and tastefully designed bow gives an exceptional cast and unwinds smoothly to full draw. It produces an incredible amount of energy which when transferred into the arrow gives a flat trajectory and great accuracy. Available in Right or Left Hand. 30-50lbs draw weights in 5lb increments. Allow 8-10 weeks for lower and higher draw weights. Generally 40lbs and 45lbs are held in stock.