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Most release manufacturers will never try to build a handheld, thumb-triggered release to market toward bowhunters because it is not an easy task, even though there are a lot of bowhunters that would shoot better in the field with this style of release. Enter the new Vapor, which is available with a three- or four-finger handle, a fully-adjustable thumb barrel, and is perfect for archery hunters looking to be able to shoot with precision where it matters most – in the woods. To further enhance the hunting experience, each Vapor is built with a unique, zero noise internal actuating system that is whisper quiet. An automatic closing jaw and no trigger set requirements guarantee that the Vapor is always ready to shoot, meaning there will be no fumbling at the moment of truth when a bruiser buck cruises by or a ticked-off bull elk charges in to your calling set up. In homage to its target archery pedigree, each Vapor features an ultra-crisp, adjustable tension trigger.

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