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Easton X10 ProTour Designed specifically for Compound Archers. The X10 represents the most advanced technology ever created for an arrow shaft. The NEW X10 ProTour combines a stiffer tail spine and front taper. The X10 is designed for outdoor target and Olympic-style competition. The small diameter reduces wind drift and aerodynamic drag for unparalleled flight stability. X10 is designed to absorb more of the bow’s energy, maintain downrange velocity and forgive the inconsistencies of a finger release. The second-generation barreled design is refined to provide serious target archers with the ultimate target shaft. Each dozen is perfectly matched, weight sorted to within 0.5 grains, for the most consistent performance. FITA competitors expect hairsplitting accuracy and precision from the X10 and they get it – along with the confidence in their equipment that will take them all the way to Gold. X10 shafts hold more current FITA world records than all other shafts combined. X10 shaft matched set of 12. Bare shafts can be cut to length.

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