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SET OF 12 SHAFTS Easton’s exclusive tapered technology allows a bigger line-catcher arrow at lower bow and/or point weight New for the 2020 indoor season, Easton announces the most accurate, technically advanced indoor arrow shaft ever devised for recurve finger shooters- the all-new RX-7 series. Available in three spine values- 525, 475, and 420- in a 21, 22, and World Archery Maximum 23 diameter. Easton’s new RX-7 series 7178 aluminum arrow shafts incorporate a precision rear taper – effectively letting recurve shooters shoot a bigger arrow at a lower bow weight, and also with less point weight, while maintaining maximum shaft diameter for higher scoring potential. Proven in the 2018-19 competition season by some of the top archers in the world, including Team USA’s Brady Ellison and Jack Williams, the RX-7 is based on the same proven design principle as Easton’s X10 and A/C/E shafts, with the precision flexible, forgiving rear taper. Williams said: “The rear tapered design of the RX-7 creates the most forgiving aluminum arrow for a recurve archer. It allows archers to use a lighter point weight to achieve the proper tune, creating a faster release and better arrow flight.” This design element drops the dynamic spine of the arrow shaft by up to one full size, which allows the use of a larger diameter and lighter point. Until now, many shooters seeking maximum diameter arrow shafts often needed to compromise the bow tune, and potentially compromise shooting technique forgiveness, by using super-heavy points, leading to greater error potential with slight natural release inconsistencies. By using a normal weight point, and a precision engineered, more flexible rear taper with a weight-forward design, RX-7 series shafts provide the ultimate in finger release forgiveness. RX-7 uses full-strength 7178-T9 alloy that easily copes with tough European target materials. For example, the RX-7-23 has a spine of 0.420, compared to a spine of 0.342 for the equivalent Easton X23 2315 shaft. As an example, this allows the RX-7-23 420 to be tuned with an Easton 2315 100 or 125 grain bullet point, at a normal shaft length. Compare this to the X23 2315, which is often tuned by recurve shooters with a heavy, 200 or 300 grain aftermarket point, at a longer than normal shaft length. The 21 and 22 sizes accept both Easton one piece bullet points or NIBB points for the 2114 or 2214 sizes, respectively. RX-7 shafts are supplied with Easton Super-UNI bushings, which accept available Easton Super Nocks, 3D-Super Nocks, and the popular size 19 Beiter nock. The updated tuning chart for the RX-7 is available online at www.eastonarchery.com RX-7 shafts are available from your authorized Easton dealer now, and are 100% Made in the USA.

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