Easton A/C/C Arrows


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Easton A/C/C Complete Arrow.

Available individually, in sets of 8 or as a complete dozen.

Complete arrows are fitted with: Easton G-Nocks (Please choose size & colour) Elite Plasti-fletch (Please choose size & colours) Easton A/C/C One-peice Points Please specify arrow length when ordering. Complete arrow length is from the nock throat (string hole), to the end of the shaft not including the point or insert. At tournaments around the world, Easton’s aluminium/carbon technology is unsurpassed. Consistent straightness, extreme durability and pinpoint accuracy are the assurances you get with the A/C/C, whether you’re shooting 3-D, field, target archery or bowhunting.

Inserts, one-piece or NIBB points and nocks fit flush with the outside of the shaft for fast, streamlined arrow flight. A/C/C shafts are produced to a precise straightness, with a dozen-bundle weight tolerance of only 0.5 grains. You buy 12 you get 12… perfectly matched!fully made sets of arrows please allow upto 10 days

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