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Our archery parties aim to provide your child with an unparalleled sense of camaraderie and fun on their big day.  We encourage our birthday children and their guests to dress in their best archery kit.

What do we provide for your child’s party?

Archery GB qualified instructor

Full use of Chiltern Archery equipment

To secure your booking today contact us on:-

Telephone number 01296 630919

Email at

What Happens At An Archery Party?

Our popular Archery parties are regarded as specialist events due to the large amount of equipment involved we only offer archery as a single event party for children aged 7 years and over with an upper participant limit of 18 people to ensure they all get a good amount of shots and the best chance to improve and enjoy.

We supply all the equipment necessary to make it as fun and safe as possible with the bows and arrows we use vary in size to enable us to find the right fit for your child and their guests.

Our range is a working professional range that is used by our club members and any of our Archery GB customers but be rest assured we have a dedicated section for our parties.  Whether your child has shot before or not is never a problem, we will adjust the teaching and the games we play in order to give them the best experience we can.

All parties are 90 minutes long, typically groups will shoot for 1 hour and take 30 minutes for a party tea but how you use the time is entirely up to you.

Start time for Party’s is 3pm on Saturdays, but alternative times are available by request.

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