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PSE – 2018 Evolve 35 Compound Bow (Evolve Series) What creates comfort? Control. PSE’s Evolve line seamlessly blends comfort and control without sacrificing speed. The 2018 PSE Evolve® 35 has been engineered to be the most comfortable 35″ Axle-to-Axle hunting bow ever made. Powered by the EVOLVE® Cam System (ECS) with up to 90% let-off. Key features: Highly versatile 35″ axle to axle. Features PSE’s Evolve cam, for high let-off with no compromise on performance. Highly adjustable cam design with bow press free adjustment for draw length and let-off. Incredibly smooth draw cycle. Ultra stiff riser design for great shot stability. Upgraded Flex Rod cable guard for reduced torque and reduced friction. Wide track limb design with wedge lock pockets for a stable shot. Technical specifications: Material: Aluminium Axle to Axle: 35″ Bracing Height: 6.5″ Mass Weight: 4.6lbs Let off: 80 – 90% Draw length options: 26.5″-31″ Speed rating: ATA: 340 IBO: 332 Cam: EC Limb: Wide Track, Split Limb