Price Match

Below are the details for our price match scheme:

We will do our best to give you the best price we can for all of your equipment.

We pride ourselves on being the most competitive archery shop in the UK, and we are constantly reviewing our prices to ensure we are the place to be when it comes to buying your archery equipment. This said, there may be a few products that we have not yet placed under review. As such, if you find a better price at one of our direct competitors, we will do our best to beat it.

If you are able to find the same product sold at one of our competitors’ store for a lower price, please either call us on 01296 630919 or email We will do our best to get back to you quickly with a competitive price.

The terms of this are that the product is sold by a similar retailer, meaning they have a physical store and have some form of expertise to offer when selling the product.