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Get fit in 2022 with your favourite archery hobby

Archery hobby

There are incredible health and wellness benefits to taking up archery in 2022

Its January. The time of year where many of us are looking to find a new sport or hobby where we can let off some steam, get fit and socialise at the same time. Whilst there are not many sports that will allow you to accomplish all three, archery is something that sets itself apart. The health benefits of archery are often overlooked or not thought of, but Chiltern Archery is here to give you a full low down of just how much archery could benefit you in 2022. 

This month, we take a look at not only the health benefits of archery but how it can positively impact your mental health. Chiltern Archery are your local archery specialists in Buckinghamshire. 

5 health benefits of an archery hobby

Calorie loss

Archery is a great way of burning calories without even thinking about it. The time spent walking to collect arrows, using muscles and building strength can all support burning calories and practising your technique at the same time. 

Hand-eye coordination

Steps required to make a good shot include combining to form a high-performance routine. This routine must then become ingrained into your muscle memory and subconscious. You need to coordinate many things at once and you have very little room for error. Your coordination will become almost automatic.

Balance improvement 

Archery is an activity that requires concentration and discipline. This helps people in other aspects of their lives as well. Part of this concentration will also support balance improvement, as you need to be perfectly still in order to shoot with accuracy and perfection. 

Muscle strengthening

Drawing a bow causes tension in the chest, arms, and large upper back muscles. These muscles strengthen when you draw a bow continuously. Rotator cuff muscles also get stronger by doing this exercise.

Patience and calming 

One of the best assets an archer can have is to remain patient and calm when firing an arrow from their bow. Managing their breathing, concentration and any trepidation they may have just before they let their arrow fly. This is a great transferrable skill, particularly if you have a demanding career that needs you to remain calm under pressure. 

Surprising exercises you complete when you are using your archery bow

People who stay inside too long may feel restless and bored. Archery is a great sport because it gets people out into the sunlight and fresh air. It also helps them relax and improve their physical fitness. There are a surprising number of exercises archers complete without even thinking about it. 

  • Upper back and shoulder – Drawing the bow
  • Upper and lower shoulders – Supporting the draw arm 
  • Arm muscles – Extending the bow arm 
  • Finger muscles – Holding the bowstring

Arms, shoulders, back, core and legs are some of the muscles that archers engage when they are shooting. Not only are the larger muscles working, but due to the minute movements taken to readjust positions and relax into the bow. Holding the correct position requires an immense amount of control in order to get a consistent and regular shot. Walking to and from the target is also a way of getting your daily step count in!

Enjoy a healthy mind when you start an archery hobby in 2022

As you will have read in the health benefits above, archery can have a hugely positive impact on your mental health as well as your physical health. Studies have shown that archery has an impact on managing stress levels, proving it’s a sport that helps you relax. Practising breathing techniques and focus is a big part of archery technique and these skills can be transferred into everyday life. Maintaining calm and focus during a big meeting or stressful situation at work will keep a person mentally happy and healthy. 

Not only is archery a great way to learn calming techniques, but being able to release some pent up energy when you are in front of an archery target can be incredibly cathartic. Many archers will use their archery time as a way to let off stress and anger. Another great mental health benefit of archery is the social aspect it brings. There arent many sports you will find that allows you to stand next to an elite or a beginner and still shoot, let alone make friendships with those in the same club as you. 

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Book your private tuition with Chiltern Archery in 2022

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of fitness, friendship and motivation this year, look no further than taking up an archery hobby. Chiltern Archery, based in Buckland have the ultimate space for you to hone and improve your skills, meet like-minded archers and choose from indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. Our archery shop is stocked with the latest equipment and all you could need to start your archery journey. 

Why not try archery before you commit to purchasing the equipment by taking up some private tuition to learn more about the sport and how it could benefit you? Chiltern Archery has a team of expert trainers who would be more than happy to support you with finding your feet in the world of archery and we can guarantee, it will soon become your favourite pastime. 

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