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Enjoying archery practice as a family sport in 2022

archery practice

Do something as a family that builds relationships and keeps you fit

Archery is a great family sport because it teaches children patience, focus, and discipline. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and it’s fun! There are many types of bows, but you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds to get started and the benefits you and your family could get mean this will be a lifelong sport and family activity you will want to return to time and time again. 

This month, Chiltern Archery look and how you can get into archery practice as a family sport, what you will need to consider and the benefits that this newfound activity could bring to you all. Chiltern Archery is a specialist archery centre based in Buckland. With an indoor and outdoor range, we have ample space for you and your family to get to grips with archery practice and our shop has everything you could need to get fully kitted out. 

Health benefits of archery practice

Archery is a fantastic sport that offers various health benefits to any who practice – young or older. Regardless of age, disability or gender, archery practice can offer a host of physical and mental health benefits. This sport needs concentration, control and focus – exercising your mind and helping with patience and determination. Successfully hitting your target releases a burst of happiness, whilst failure to hit the target gives you the chance to reevaluate your stance, posture and how you are aiming your bow. 

Archery is an exercise that requires short bursts of energy involving your core muscles – archery practice helps to work and improve your core muscles including your chest, arms and upper back. The more your shoot your bow, the harder these muscles work and strengthen. Other muscles that get a workout are your legs and surprisingly your fingers! Practising archery as a family can also bring you a host of benefits, including bringing your family together as a team. 

The benefits of archery practice as a family sport 

Play year-round – with no seasonal strings attached to archery practice, you and the family can attend your local range all year round (providing they have indoor and outdoor space). Shoot indoors during the winter months and hone in on your accuracy skills. Move outdoors in the summer months to get to grips with different surroundings and how the wind affects your shooting. 

Reduce injury potential – archery is a sport that is more about concentration and precision rather than high energy, endorphin inducing exercise. For this reason, once you have learnt to shoot your arrows safely and effectively, the risk of injury is lower than other activities such as running or climbing. Ensure you are wearing your armguard when releasing your arrows to prevent catching your arm on your string! 

Learn and play as a team – there is nothing better than learning to do something as a family, cheering each other on when you succeed in hitting your target and giving each other pointers for correct stance and posture. Learning archery practice together means you will all become knowledgeable quickly and the family will benefit from playing a team sport. 

No age limits – archery is one of the few sports that doesn’t have an age limit! Start as early as you are able to – safely of course – and keep going until you are happy to hang up your bow once and for all. This is a great family sport as it welcomes all ages along – meaning no one gets left out. 

Solidify your relationship and make memories – one of the most important things for families is having a solid relationship. Making memories is just as important so you can look back and laugh at funny times, reminisce and share with extended family. Archery practice is a great way to build your relationships and to create memories. 

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Join Chiltern Archery as a family and practice together this year

Chiltern Archery is a family run business that has been supporting archers with their practice, purchases and competitions since 1963. We have a lot of experience in archery and our mission is to provide a first-class service to everyone who walks through the doors, whether that’s someone who has never picked up a bow before, to those who are seasoned archers who need replacement parts for their bow. 

Our group coaching sessions are perfect for families who want to learn the sport together, and our trainers are experts in the field so you can have peace of mind that no matter the ages of your group, you will all learn how to safely handle and successfully shoot your bow over time. Archery is quick to learn but takes a long time to perfect and with Chiltern Archery supporting you through your archery practice journey, you can be sure that you will pick up techniques and skills that will help you become a better archer. 

We look forward to seeing you and your family at Chiltern Archery soon! Give us a call to book an appointment or book a group coaching session through our website. 

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