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Choosing the best arrows for your local archery range

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Arrows are a great way to add some flair to your bow and help you show off on the archery range. They can be used for everything from hunting, fishing and target shooting to just plain fun. An arrow is a projectile with an attached point at one end and fletching on the other, with most arrows made of wood, carbon or aluminium. 

The trick is finding the right one for you. With not a lot of information out there to support you in choosing the most appropriate arrows for your bow, this guide from Chiltern Archery will help you select arrows that fit your needs and work well for you at your local archery range

The structure and purpose of your archery arrows 

Before we dive into choosing the correct arrows for your bow and archery range practice, its important as an archer to understand the structure and parts that make up your arrows: 

  1. Shaft – The length of your arrow (this will be made of different types of material).
  2. Points – Your arrowhead, the sharp end of your arrow used to hit the target.
  3. Fletching – The vanes at the back of your arrow, generally made up of two colours.
  4. Nock – the slotted tip towards the back end of your arrow that fits at the bowstring. 

Originally, arrows were used as a weapon for hunting food or against enemies – a practice often common in prehistoric cultures. Once essential weapons of war over time, bows and arrows were rendered useless as modern technology took over. In this day and age, arrows and their bows are mainly used for hunting, sport and as a hobby for men, women and children alike. 

Different types of arrows and how to find the right ones 

Arrows are probably the most interchangeable and complex parts of your kit to choose from due to the different styles and varieties they come in. It’s, therefore, essential to know about the types of arrows and their properties so you can choose the best for you when shooting at your archery range or out in the field. 

  • Spine – this refers to the size of the arrow and is a measurement of the stiffness of your arrow. The static spine shows the reaction of the arrow when a weight is suspends from the centre. Static spine refers to the number of inches the arrow bends x 1000.
  • Material – as previously mentioned, three main types of material used to create arrows are wood, carbon and aluminium. Carbon is lightweight and reliable, whereas aluminium arrows are strong and flexible, so your choice will depend on where you are shooting and what you are aiming for. 
  • Length – Your arrows should extend between 1 – 1.5 inches beyond your arrow rest to ensure a safe shot at all times. Don’t be tempted to cut your arrows to length at home. This can lead to accidents and injuries, such as the arrow slipping off its rest. 
  • Weight – The weight of your arrow will affect its speed and accuracy. Whilst lighter arrows travel faster, having an arrow that’s too late could lead to it shattering on release. Luckily, there is an easy calculation to make when selecting your arrow weight. Take your draw weight, for example, 50lbs and multiple it by 5. Your typical arrow weight should be between 5-9 times your draw weight, so for 50lbs, you would be looking at an arrow weight of between 250-450grains. 
  • Fletching – This refers to the wings on the back end of your arrow that gives it stability during its flight. They are often made of feathers due to their lightness. Many modern archers choose vanes due to their durability and waterproof. Typically your vanes will be around 4″ in length. 

Performing at your local archery range with your chosen arrows

At Chiltern Archery, your local archery range, our carefully placed shop and experienced team are on hand to support you with choosing the best arrows. We know it may take a while to get to grips with the structure of arrows, the different elements that make up an arrow and how to choose the most appropriate ones for you and your needs. Once you select the arrows for you, book in for an indoor or outdoor session (weather permitting). Learn about your new equipment and how they work in conjunction with your bow. 

We always recommend choosing arrows that you can see and feel firsthand if you haven’t bought them before. Without seeing them with your own eyes, you cannot be sure that they are the right choice for you. That’s why we have a local shop, joined to our archery range where you can visit. Speak to a member of the team and spend time looking at the arrows. Learn the weight and get to grips with all its elements before you decide which arrows are ideal.

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Chiltern Archery – supporting you at your local archery range

Your local archery range, Chiltern Archery, prides itself on supporting customers in the area who have a keen interest in either taking up or continuing with their archery hobby. A family-run business spanning three generations, we are experts in archery. We will support you to select the right equipment and ensure sure you have the training to achieve the best results safely. 

For more information about our training courses, to discuss your arrows with a team member or to select a new bow, give us a call today and book an appointment to come down and visit your local archery range.

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