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Give the gift of Chiltern Archery tuition sessions this Christmas

chiltern archery tuition sessions

One of the most favourite things about Christmas day is watching your loved ones face when they open a present specially picked by you. Why not give the gift of a Chiltern Archery tuition session? Private tuition sessions with Chiltern Archery will provide everything you need to know to get into archery or continue your archery journey. This month, let’s look at the type of sessions you can expect from Chiltern Archery and the benefits they can bring. 

Chiltern Archery tuition sessions that are hidden in your stocking

Christmas shopping doesn’t matter how many years we have had to do our own; we never seem to get everything ticked off the list until the time is against us. As we get older, present buying also becomes more complicated, with many loved ones saying they don’t need or want anything. This can be frustrating as we don’t want to buy the wrong present. That’s why we suggest Chiltern Archery tuition sessions for your loved one’s Christmas stocking in 2021. 

Chiltern Archery tuition sessions offer a unique and rewarding experience you won’t find anywhere else. An adrenaline-filled and action-packed session will leave you tingling with excitement and happiness as you see your skill and experience begin to improve.

These sessions will offer up memories and potentially a new hobby for the user to experience and enjoy for many years to come. If you tuck a tuition session into a stocking this year, we can guarantee your loved one’s face will light up with happiness. 

Tuition sessions are a great active and fun Christmas gift to give

Chiltern Archery tuition sessions have been tailored to offer a variety of sessions that work for you and your bow choice. Whether you are looking to learn to use a crossbow, refine your recurve techniques or get to grips with a compound bow, choosing a tuition session as a Christmas present for a loved one will be sure to go down an absolute treat around the Christmas tree. 

Beginner archery courses – these private courses are brilliant for those who are looking to get into archery but don’t have the skills or experience yet. The course consists of 3 one hour sessions where you will work closely with a qualified coach to learn the basics of archery, how to string your bow and shoot your arrows, target practice and the correct stance to adopt. 

Private Chiltern Archery tuition sessions – whether you are new to archery or you need to hone some of your skills, a private tuition session with a qualified Chiltern Archery coach will definitely benefit you. Choose from a one-hour session to three one hour sessions that can be booked at a time that suits you. During these sessions, you will be shown how to improve your technique, tune and refine your equipment and work on any concern areas you may have. 

Private archery tasters – Not sure if your loved one will enjoy archery? We have no doubt they will, but just to be sure, why not book them in for a taster session to see if they get on well? Learn the basics of archery in a fun environment with a professional coach before booking more sessions. 

Children’s archery parties – did you know we offer archery parties for children? Combine the perfect Christmas present with a child’s birthday and watch your young one get to grips with a bow and arrow. Providing fun for 90 minutes where your party guests will learn how to shoot a bow and arrow as well as participate in a range of games, your guests will be safe and supported by qualified instructors throughout. 

The benefits of Chiltern Archery tuition sessions this year

Archery is becoming more and more popular as we look to find a new hobby that also ticks the exercise and adrenaline boxes we have. There are so many reasons to book Chiltern Archery tuition sessions that we thought we would list the top benefits: 

A perfect present – give the perfect gift this year that just keeps on giving. Flexible and tailored to individual needs, no two sessions are the same. 

Memories – presents should be about making memories, and our Chiltern Archery tuition sessions are sure to do just that. 

Sport – an interactive sport that ticks the exercise box without you even knowing it. Build muscle in your chest and arms, work out without realising and stay fit with your new hobby. 

Active – whether you are shooting on an indoor or outdoor range,  an archery session is definitely active. Archery is definitely an active sport, from working on your breathing techniques, improving your stance or collecting your arrows. 

Fun – there is no doubt about it – archery lessons are such a fun experience. Begin having fun as soon as you start your expert tuition sessions and never stop as you realise your full potential.

New hobby – Once your loved one tries an archery session, we don’t think they will ever want to quit. Just like that, you have given the gift of a new hobby that will stand the test of time – well done you!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy new year from all at Chiltern Archery

We would like to thank all of our clients this year for supporting us here at Chiltern Archery. Although times have had to change slightly to stay in keeping with the current pandemic, it has been great to see you all keeping up with your archery skills and improving significantly.

The Chiltern Archery team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We will be closed from the 25th December and reopen on the 29th before closing for the new year and reopening on the 3rd January. 

We look forward to seeing you back here in 2022 and look forward to supporting new archers to build their skills with their newfound archery hobby!

For more information about our training courses, to discuss your arrows with a team member or to select a new bow, give us a call today and book an appointment to come down and visit your local archery range.

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Choosing the best arrows for your local archery range

archery range

Arrows are a great way to add some flair to your bow and help you show off on the archery range. They can be used for everything from hunting, fishing and target shooting to just plain fun. An arrow is a projectile with an attached point at one end and fletching on the other, with most arrows made of wood, carbon or aluminium. 

The trick is finding the right one for you. With not a lot of information out there to support you in choosing the most appropriate arrows for your bow, this guide from Chiltern Archery will help you select arrows that fit your needs and work well for you at your local archery range

The structure and purpose of your archery arrows 

Before we dive into choosing the correct arrows for your bow and archery range practice, its important as an archer to understand the structure and parts that make up your arrows: 

  1. Shaft – The length of your arrow (this will be made of different types of material).
  2. Points – Your arrowhead, the sharp end of your arrow used to hit the target.
  3. Fletching – The vanes at the back of your arrow, generally made up of two colours.
  4. Nock – the slotted tip towards the back end of your arrow that fits at the bowstring. 

Originally, arrows were used as a weapon for hunting food or against enemies – a practice often common in prehistoric cultures. Once essential weapons of war over time, bows and arrows were rendered useless as modern technology took over. In this day and age, arrows and their bows are mainly used for hunting, sport and as a hobby for men, women and children alike. 

Different types of arrows and how to find the right ones 

Arrows are probably the most interchangeable and complex parts of your kit to choose from due to the different styles and varieties they come in. It’s, therefore, essential to know about the types of arrows and their properties so you can choose the best for you when shooting at your archery range or out in the field. 

  • Spine – this refers to the size of the arrow and is a measurement of the stiffness of your arrow. The static spine shows the reaction of the arrow when a weight is suspends from the centre. Static spine refers to the number of inches the arrow bends x 1000.
  • Material – as previously mentioned, three main types of material used to create arrows are wood, carbon and aluminium. Carbon is lightweight and reliable, whereas aluminium arrows are strong and flexible, so your choice will depend on where you are shooting and what you are aiming for. 
  • Length – Your arrows should extend between 1 – 1.5 inches beyond your arrow rest to ensure a safe shot at all times. Don’t be tempted to cut your arrows to length at home. This can lead to accidents and injuries, such as the arrow slipping off its rest. 
  • Weight – The weight of your arrow will affect its speed and accuracy. Whilst lighter arrows travel faster, having an arrow that’s too late could lead to it shattering on release. Luckily, there is an easy calculation to make when selecting your arrow weight. Take your draw weight, for example, 50lbs and multiple it by 5. Your typical arrow weight should be between 5-9 times your draw weight, so for 50lbs, you would be looking at an arrow weight of between 250-450grains. 
  • Fletching – This refers to the wings on the back end of your arrow that gives it stability during its flight. They are often made of feathers due to their lightness. Many modern archers choose vanes due to their durability and waterproof. Typically your vanes will be around 4″ in length. 

Performing at your local archery range with your chosen arrows

At Chiltern Archery, your local archery range, our carefully placed shop and experienced team are on hand to support you with choosing the best arrows. We know it may take a while to get to grips with the structure of arrows, the different elements that make up an arrow and how to choose the most appropriate ones for you and your needs. Once you select the arrows for you, book in for an indoor or outdoor session (weather permitting). Learn about your new equipment and how they work in conjunction with your bow. 

We always recommend choosing arrows that you can see and feel firsthand if you haven’t bought them before. Without seeing them with your own eyes, you cannot be sure that they are the right choice for you. That’s why we have a local shop, joined to our archery range where you can visit. Speak to a member of the team and spend time looking at the arrows. Learn the weight and get to grips with all its elements before you decide which arrows are ideal.

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Chiltern Archery – supporting you at your local archery range

Your local archery range, Chiltern Archery, prides itself on supporting customers in the area who have a keen interest in either taking up or continuing with their archery hobby. A family-run business spanning three generations, we are experts in archery. We will support you to select the right equipment and ensure sure you have the training to achieve the best results safely. 

For more information about our training courses, to discuss your arrows with a team member or to select a new bow, give us a call today and book an appointment to come down and visit your local archery range.

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Maintaining your archery bow for ultimate performance

Maintaining your archery bow

Archery is the ultimate sport that requires the use of skill, attention to detail and concentration, and a bow that is in perfect working order every time. Failure to look after your bow will cause you endless problems during your shooting time and ultimately lead to your archery bow not lasting long. In this months blog, Chiltern Archery provides you with the best tips for maintaining your archery bow that prolong its life and keep you performing at your best during shooting. 

Maintaining your archery bow for healthy performance 

The bow and arrow are the most essential tools in archery. The bowstring or draw weight of your bow determines how much force you can generate to propel an arrow through the air. A well-tuned bow will give you more power than one that has been poorly maintained over time. 

Why you should never dry fire your bow 

Not sure what dry firing is? The term dry fire means to fire your bow string without an arrow cocked in place. This is such a dangerous thing to do and should never be attempted. Dry firing a bowstring could result in the string snapping. We are sure we don’t have to tell you how dangerous that could be to you and others around you – it could whip you in the face, damage your eyes or hit someone around you and cause injuries. 

Not only could dry firing cause unnecessary injuries, but it’s costly and damaging to your bow. If your bow does get dry fired for any reason, ensure you closely check your bow afterwards for any signs of damage. Pay special attention to the string, riser and limbs and ensure that they are still in complete working order.

Are you storing your bow in the safest way?

Maintaining your archery bow shouldn’t just happen when you are using it, but when they have been stored away as well. Firstly, prior to putting your bow away, you should ensure it’s clean and has no trace of mud or dirt on any part. You will be surprised at how mucky your bow can get even when shooting in fine weather.

Consider the cases you are using to store and transport your bow. In most cases, a soft bag will be perfectly fine for storing your bow and arrows; however, if you are planning to travel with your bow, you may want to consider a hard case for better protection against bumps and scrapes. 

Heat is one of the worst things for your bow and can cause several issues to your bow and strings: 

Delamination of limbs – this is where the plastic casing comes away from the wooden structure of your limbs

Erosion of strings – you may find that your string starts to break down if left in a heated area for too long 

Ensure you keep your bow in a cool and dark place to maintain its life and protect it from unwanted external elements!

Top tips to check out for when you shoot with your bow 

We advise getting your bow checked by an expert at least yearly to ensure it is working safely and effectively. There are, however, things you can check over each time you get your bow out of its bag and get ready to shoot. Get into the habit of checking your bow each time you use it, much like you should be checking your car regularly, and we are sure your bow will thank you for it. 

How are your riser and limbs looking?

The riser is one of the essential parts of your bow as it connects the parts of the bow together and supports every aspect of shooting. If your riser is cracked, damaged or loose in any way, this could cause severe and potentially dangerous problems if you continue to shoot without getting it fixed. If you need some support, speak to one of our Chiltern Archery experts for advice. 

Are you using your accessories correctly?

We all use accessories to support our bow, whether you are using sights, stabilisers or arrow rests. All accessories should be checked for damage during each shoot as well. If your accessories are not fixed to your riser correctly, if there is damage to the accessory, or they wobble or are loose in any way, this is a sign of an issue you need to fix before continuing. 

Is your grip in proper working order?

 Whether your grip is part of the riser or an attachment that you have purchased separately, it will need to be looked over regularly due to its importance. Any cracks or damage will result in failure to shoot correctly or worse – missing your target and potentially endangering yourself or others. If your grip is part of the riser, it’s also worth checking to ensure it’s still secure and that the adhesive has not worn out. 

Don’t forget about your bowstring

It’s so important not to forget about maintaining your bowstring. Having a faulty string and not fixing it – or worse, shooting with it – puts both yourself and others in danger and should be avoided at all costs. Both recurve and compound bow strings will fray or wear away after time and once you spot this, replace the string immediately. If you are a compound shooter, take it to your experts, and if you are a recurve shooter, you can replace the string independently.

Maintain and prolong the life of your string by waxing it regularly. Some shooters do this after every session. However, you may find this too much. We advise you to wax your string at least once in every three shooting sessions or once a week for optimal use. Chiltern Archery recommends changing your bowstring at least once every six months to ensure the continued safety and performance of your bow.

For recurve shooters, the ability to put on a bowstring manually may seem like a work of art, but using the step method could damage your bow or bowstring by warping the limbs or unnecessarily stretching the string. Invest in a good bow stringer as best practice for assembling your bow – it may take a little longer, but it’s safer and better for your bow. 

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Learn more about the team at Chiltern Archery 

Chiltern archery – your bow and archery experts  

Chiltern Archery are your local archery specialists. We deliver the best in archery equipment, and we deliver it quickly and efficiently. We’re based in Buckland Village, and we support all archery enthusiasts from beginners to advanced. Whether you are looking for archery equipment, lessons or a safe place to shoot your bow, Chiltern Archery is here to support you with any advice and support you may need including maintaining your archery bow. For the best in archery equipment and the highest expertise level, look no further than Chiltern Archery. Give us a call on 01296 630919 to book an appointment or come and visit us soon!

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The benefits of private archery tuition with Chiltern Archery

Private Archery Tuition

If you have been watching the Paralympics in Tokyo this year, you will have no doubt been on the edge of your seat watching Scunthorpe’s own Victoria Rumary take the Bronze medal for her incredible performance. Compound bow in hand, she was cheered on for her performance, missing out on gold only after being beaten by Sarka Musilova. Member of Lincoln Archers, Rumary continues to inspire children and adults alike to take up the sport for its fitness and its fun. 

The Chiltern Archery team are proud to support both new and existing archers in their goal to improving their technique through private and group tuition lessons on both their indoor and outdoor ranges. With many benefits to archery lessons, there are also huge benefits to joining the archery club, including continuous advice and support. 

Taster sessions to capture your interest

As one of the oldest sports in the world, archery is a sport that makes you feel powerful and build your concentration and determination. Thought to have been around since before written history, undertaking the sport will take you back to your caveman roots and give you valuable survival skills (should you ever find yourself having a Robin Hood moment). 

If you are looking for the archery experience, but you are not sure whether you would enjoy it / be any good at it, a taster session may be the best way forward for you. Having a taster session with Chiltern Archery gives you an hour with a coach to understand and learn the basics of archery, whilst ensuring you have fun in a safe environment. 

Once you have had your taster session, you can then go on to book further sessions with your coach, where they will support you to learn more about the sport including stance, techniques, equipment and the skills required to become a pro shooter. 

Private archery coaching for beginners 

You’ve had your taster session and you loved it – we knew you would! An Archery beginners course is a great way to learn either individually or within a group with a supportive and qualified coach supporting you to learn more about what it takes to practice archery in a safe and beneficial way. Three one hour sessions either individually or as a group will give you a great insight into what you can expect as you build on your archery skills and knowledge.  

There are many benefits to undertaking private archery coaching sessions with Chiltern Archery: 

  • Improve your physical and mental health
  • A sport for everyone – archery does not discriminate, making it an extremely encompassing sport
  • A year-round sport – with both in and outdoor ranges, you can shoot all year round 
  • Control, determination and endurance building 
  • Helps to focus your mind 
  • A friendly and busy sport – you will meet so many likeminded people and build a new network of friends

If any of the above points appeal to you, we suggest you come on down and visit the team to talk about having some archery sessions in more detail. Whilst you’re here, why not take a look at the amazing range of archery equipment we have?

Chiltern Archery Club Memberships – Join The Club! 

You’ve had your archery sessions and you still cannot get enough of this incredibly versatile sport – the only thing that’s left is to become a Chiltern Archery member and join an incredible network of archers, all with their own expertise and skills. Once you have successfully completed your beginners’ course (either with us or elsewhere) you will be invited to become a member of Chiltern Archery. You will learn so much when you choose to shoot with other members of the group and the more you shoot, the more you will become addicted – we speak from experience! 

The indoor range at Chiltern Archery is very popular as it’s open all year round and you can shoot without the weather getting in your way – perfect for those who have not long started and are still learning their bow and getting to grips with shooting. There are many indoor shooting opportunities around the sessions that take place, so choose the perfect time and dates for you and come on down to practice your new skill. 

We are not particularly blessed with beautiful weather for long in the UK, so when the sun is shining and the wind is quiet, you will want to make the most of getting outside for some practice in the ‘wild’. Chiltern Archery has the perfect setting for you in our huge field, prepped and ready with everything you need to shoot outside. Just purchase your targets from our retail shop and make your way onto the field for some real-life Robin Hood practice. Learn to shoot with the weather and understand how the slightest of wind changes could affect your bow and the way you shoot your arrows. 

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Speak to Chiltern Archery today and embark on your Archery journey 

Chiltern Archery has everything you need to experience archery in the most fun and exciting of ways. With extensive indoor and outdoor ranges, plus our retail shop and friendly team, we have all you could ever need when looking for an archery club that suits you. Whether you are looking to book your first ever archery lesson, brush up on your techniques after a season away from the sport or you are just looking to have fun and grow a new network of friends, Chiltern Archery is your local archery specialist. Based in the beautiful little village of Buckland, come and visit us from Tuesday to Saturday and we can give you the support you need to become a skilled archer. Why not give us a call on 01296 630919 and email us at to let us know you’re coming?

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Recurve vs Compound bows – Choosing the right bow for you

Compound Bows

We all watched the joys of Robin Hood firing arrows at seemingly impossible targets to win the crowds and beat the Sheriff of Nottingham. As children we made bow and arrows, raced around the fields and woods living out our childhood thrills and dreams. At Chiltern Archery, the thrills and excitement of shooting a bow and arrow are real and ready for those who want to find their passion and hobby with a bullseye target. 

When learning your new archery passion, its important to understand the types of bows available and how they work for you – your position, stance and aim. When you choose a bow, it should be an extension of your arm, and Chiltern Archery have the bows and the experience to help you decide on the best bow to hit your target. 

An introduction to archery bows

Originally the weapon of choice for hunting, archery has been a part of worldwide culture from ancient times. Bow designs, types of wood and bow styles have modernised and adapted as archery has been made more ‘fashionable’. 

There are 4 main types of bow that are popular in todays culture: 

The type of bow you choose will depend on the look and feel you are going for, as well as the type of shot, draw weight and style you like. 

Ultimately, no matter the bow you decide upon, you will definitely have fun when you decide to take archery up as a hobby. Great for stress relief, exercise and as an all year round hobby, why not look into archery classes with Chiltern Archery to see which is the perfect bow for you?

Recurve Bows

Used by archers in the Olympics and other competitive events, a modern recurve bow has limbs that curve away from the archer unstrung. When strung, a recurve bow has a powerful shot delivered in a more efficient way than a straight limb bow will be able to offer. 

Recurve bows are built for both beginners and experts and are one of the earliest bows, dating back to 800BC. Modern Recurve bows are generally made from several layers of fiberglass, wood or carbon with a wood or composite rider. Stringing a recurve for the first time can often be confusing due to the nature of limbs pointing away from the riser. Its tool-free takedown however makes it much easier to carry when travelling around! Luckily, when you choose to have archery lessons with Chiltern Archery, you will be taught how to string and build your recurve safely and effectively, whether you are choosing to use accessories or not. 

As recurve bows are built in 3 parts, they are often customisable, both in their material and their colour. Recurve risers (also known as the handle) is the main focus of your bow – aesthetically. Choose your ideal colour and material to truly make your bow your own. 

Compound Bows

For a bow that is shorter and more aesthetically outrageous, a compound bow offers shorter and stiffer limbs than a recurve bow. The string is connected to a pulley system that is mounted on wheels for a shot using a release aid rather than ‘fingers’. This makes the compound bow more energy efficient due to less limb movement. 

The pulley system in a compound bow is the mechanism that sets it apart from other bow types. When drawing a compound bow, the limbs are pulled together by the cables – unlike the limbs of a recurve bow whose limbs are pulled towards whichever direction the string is. The benefit of the compound bow is the reduced recoil produced when the arrow is fired. 

Currently, a compound bow is not used in the Olympic events, but has been previously used in the Paralympics. First developed in 1966 in America, the compound bow is fast becoming the most popular type of bow across America for its target and hunting capabilities. 

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Chiltern Archery – your local friendly experts

Chiltern Archery, based in the quiet village of Buckland, just outside Aylesbury has everything you could look for in an extensive archery shop and training centre. Set in beautiful grounds with a great space for practicing your field archery shot outdoors in sunny weather, Chiltern Archery has been home to many professional archers since opening its doors in 1963. 

If you’re new to archery, book some archery lessons with one of our qualified instructors and be guided expertly through the introductions to archery and hitting your target. 

No matter the weather, with our large indoor archery centre, well stocked shop and outdoor arena, Chiltern Archery are the perfect choice for anyone looking to learn or brush up on their archery techniques. Let out your inner Robin Hood!