252 Scheme

Our 252 Scheme is now active for all Chiltern Archery Members. The purpose of this scheme is to encourage archers to progress to longer distances as they develop as an archer. By achieving a minimum score on three separate occasions, a badge will be awarded.

252 Award Scheme Rules:

  • The scheme is open to recurve, compound, barebow and traditional style archers.
  • Archers of any age or experience are welcome to participate, however they must be a club member.
  • Three qualifying scores are required at each distance shot.
  • The scores do not need to be consecutive, and cannot be shot on the same day as one another.
  • You are to shoot 36 arrows at your chosen distance. Scores can be achieved as a stand alone 3-dozen round, or as the first 36 arrows of any other standard AGB round.
  • The target used should be a standard 122cm face. Scoring is to be done imperially, meaning you are shooting in yards, and scoring zonally (1,3,5,7,9).
  • You can start working towards the award at any chosen distance, however once you have achieved the award at that distance, you can only collect awards for longer distances in the future.
  • Scores must be taken and signed off by another member to count. Scoring is to either be taken on a full scoresheet, or a 3-dozen specific scoresheet. Once you have achieved 3 valid scores for your bowstyle and distance, please submit all three of your scoresheets to us, or photos of these scoresheets, to achieve the award.
  • You will be awarded a badge for completing the 252 award at your distance. You can purchase your badge for £2 here.
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20 Yards252280189164
30 Yards252280189164
40 Yards252280189164
50 Yards252280189164
60 Yards252280189164
80 Yards252280164126
100 Yards252280139101