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Laminated international fitting limbs can be used on a wide range of handles. These high quality limbs are extremely durable and light weight. Available in the following draw weight & sizes for a 23" riser: 64" 16lbs-36lbs. 66" 16lbs-38lbs. 68" 16lbs-38lbs. PLEASE NOTE: The weight and length of the limbs are based on a 23" handle. This means if you have a 25" handle and fit these limbs it will change the over-all spec of the bow. i.e. - if you order a pair of 64" @ 24 lbs limbs and fit them on a 25" handle you will make a bow 66" @ 22 lbs. IN-STORE EXCLUSIVE LIMB EXCHANGE PROGRAMME At Chiltern Archery we offer an in-store limb exchange programme when you buy a bow from us with a set of either SF Axiom or KAP T-Rex limbs. This will allow the archer to build up their poundage without the usual costs involved in purchasing several pairs of limbs. Simply come into the store and try the limbs to get the suitable draw weight, then when your technique improves you can come back and swap the limbs for a higher (or lower) poundage, within six months. This is a rolling six month period so that when you do an exchange your six month exchange period starts again. If you do not do an exchange within the six month limit you will be deemed to have made a complete purchase of the limbs and you will no longer be in the Limb Exchange Programme. Also, having purchased the limbs and if you are still in the Limb Exchange Programme, you will receive a credit of the initial purchase price when you upgrade to a pair of Petron Pro Carbon Extreme limbs. Please contact us for further information and Terms & Conditions.
Price: £60.00
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